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A dedicated staff and over 5,000 Sq ft of well-equipped studio.

The Parker Art & Restoration Studio has over 30 years of art conservation and restoration experience. We are a full service studio and provide services that include works on paper ,oil paintings and photographs. Over the years our artisans have developed unique processes for refurbishing even the most severely damaged pieces. Whether it is a certificate, antique photograph, diploma, map, lithograph, poster, or silk screen print, or painting, our experienced staff enables us to complete each project in a timely fashion and deliver work that completely satisfies our clients.

The studio has restored the works of some of the greatest artists of our times, including: Renoir, Salvadore Dali, Picasso, Roy Lichten- stein, Andy Warhol, Andrew Wyeth, Peter Max, Alexander Calder, Matisse, James Whistler; and photographers, Edward Curtis, Ansel Adams and others. Many of our clients are private collectors, art dealers, museums, galleries and framers located throughout the United States.

Whether your art is worth thousands or only has sentimental value, we treat it with the greatest of care.